Send a note to Brittany’s Husband Dan Diaz

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“I won’t live to see the death-with-dignity movement reach critical mass, but I call on you to carry it forward.” – Brittany Maynard


Many lawmakers know Brittany Maynard’s story by now, and many more will know soon as Brittany’s husband, Dan Diaz, speaks out and urges supporters to action. But in order to be moved to act, they need to hear how important access to death with dignity is to you. Stand with Dan  and tell them in a letter.


Writing letters is a powerful way to impact lawmakers’ views. It is simple and highly effective. And the more letters lawmakers receive about the demand for end-of-life choice, the more significant the issue will become to them – and the more likely they will be to introduce or support a death-with-dignity law in your state.


We’ve included a letter that will go directly to your local legislator. Please consider personalizing it with your own reasoning or connection to the issue to make it even more compelling.


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